A Collectible Store with Unique Items for All Occasions
We Offer a Collection of Home Furnishings Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen
Over 48,000 Sq Ft of Furniture, Home Décor, and Gift Items
Over 100 gifts for under $10

“I love shopping for gifts at your store, because I know I’ll be able to find something new and different instead of the same old stuff you’d find in a department store.”

-Rachel Hampton

“Your friendly staff helped me put together a comfortable room that totally matched my personality. Thanks!”

-Wei Lee

“Any time there’s a baby shower, birthday or wedding coming up, I know exactly where to go for gifts and cards!”

-Alice Smylie

“Lots of things have changed in this city over the decades, but it’s nice to know there’s still one family-run business that cares about you and gives you personal attention.”

-Florence Richards

“I love the customized pieces I purchased from your store. I recommend that anyone in the market for new and different furniture stop by your place first!”

-Xin Goh
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